Greg Clarke, lead vocals/guitar/songwriter, is a published BMI recording artist (Corndogs), a regular on Radio Caroline /pirate radio playlists, and continues his association with the Cowboy Junkies(check out their new 20th anniversary website). His musical style on the guitar spans a broad range, from melodic R&B themes to hard-edged acid rock. He is also a talented keyboard artist, and sometimes performs musical interludes on the keyboard at Madvark gigs.

Suzie Madvark (aka Suz Farkas), electric Bass player in the Madvarks, is an artist, scientist and musician extraordinaire. Straddling left-brain knowledge with right-brain musical inspiration is a no-brainer for Suzie Madvark. She is the Queen Street West Diva of the bass clef, and her solid tones are the foundation of the unique Madvark sound.

D.D. Sharma Madvark (a.k.a Lorne Gould), plays tenor saxophone with the Madvarks. D.D. has been wailing on his brass horn for over 40 years, from his first appearance with the Hamilton band, The Midnight Hour, in the 60's. D.D. has a love, and indeed passion, for the strange instrument invented by Adolphe Sax. He has spent many hours listening to the soulful sounds of musical idols like Gerry Mulligan, Stan Getz, Charlie Parker, Moe Koffman, John Coltrane, Paul Desmond, Roland Kirk, and Cannonball Adderly. As a young teenager, he was inspired by live perfomances of Kirk, Adderly, and Koffman. D.D. has appeared as a guest artist with Sandi Marie Porter at Grossman's tavern and the Renaisance Cafe in Toronto. When he is not playing with his collection of musical instruments (including a Xylophone, Persian Santur, Peruvian Charango, Resonator guitar, digereedoo, Japanese Shakahachi, Silver and Bansuri Flutes, and Celtic Harp), he may be found working on new titles for his publishing company, Emanation Press ( or on Internet programming for his software company, First Byte (

Eli Madvark (aka Eli Robillard) is the Madvark's drummer. He also plays drums for several other local bands, like The Secondments and The Junction Derailers. He is a hard hitting mofo from Saskatchewan who gets a room bouncing to the beat. Every performance fuels a wall-to wall funstravaganza.

Stevie Madvark (aka Steve Schwarz) was the Madvark's original drummer. He is a man of many talents, and is owner of the Engine Gallery ( You might find him nurturing the talents of new visual artists in the Ontario art scene.

James Madvark (aka James McLaughlin) sometimes plays drums and does backup vocals in the group. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland, but grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. From 1975 to 1978, he played in a band called The Shades with Greg. In the early 80's, they also played together in The Jack Filth Combo. In the 90's, he could be found jamming with Sal Borg in Kensington Market in Toronto. He admires drummers like Levon Helm, Gene Krupa, Bill Bruford (King Crimson) and Phil Collins. "I don't hate brushes, but brushes don't work with this band," says James.

Peter Madvark (a.k.a. Peter Kashur), who sometimes collaborates with the band, was born in Thunder Bay and worked there as a musician in several acts until finally leaving in 1977 to join the legendary Bob Segarini band. That band recorded and performed extensively, playing in excess of 600 dates in just over 2 years. When that band broke up in 1981, Peter retired from playing until 2002. For the last several years he has been the musical director and 2nd lead guitar player for the Bob Segarini band, and Cats and Dogs. Throughout his career, he has shared stages with Joe Jackson and his band, Burton Cummings, Ronnie Hawkins, Johnny Paycheck, Jerry Doucette, and more recently with Seb Agnello, Rickie Day, Jose Feliciano and others