Jazz, Blues, Latin and World Music

Lorne Gould (aka D.D.Sharma) plays tenor saxophone with Greg Clarke and the Madvarks, a local rock band, and plays flutes and quenas along with his saxes and MIDI instruments with his own band, Blue Sharma, which is dedicated to the sounds of jazz, blues, latin and world music. He has been wailing on his brass horns and silver flutes for over 55 years, and can often be found playing music for World Peace events such as the annual World Healing Event, the World Peace Festival, and Peace-the-21st. He also plays Soprano Sax with Street Brass, a New Orleans style jazz band, at venues like Pedestrian Sundays Kensington in Toronto. When he is not playing with his collection of musical instruments (including a Xylophone, Persian Santur, Peruvian Quena and Charango, Australian digereedoo, Japanese Shakahachi, Celtic Harp, and MIDI instruments like the MalletKat and EWI), he may be found working on new titles for his publishing company, Emanation Press ( or on Internet programming for his software company, First Byte (

Penny is a Healer, a Shaman, and a former Psychotherapist. Her life and work are grounded by music as a master healer and a route to spiritual connection. She has sung in choirs, in musical theatre productions, in an improv theatre company, in two professional girl-bands, around many a campfire, and in every place she’s called home. Arranging music for choirs and bands; playing piano and guitar; dancing in flahsmobs; recording her original healing chants; drumming on native healing frame drum, Nepalase mahdal, djembe, dumbek, and bongos are among the ways Penny loves to share music-joy.
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